A selection of instantly recognisable images by the World renowned street artists Banksy have been lifted and turned into Old Masters paintings by highly acclaimed artist Paul Karslake.

Each image has been transformed to canvas using Paul’s trademark airbrush technique. Paul has ensured that every painting is totally unique by using varying techniques and tools to add life and colour. From a splattering of oil paint, gold leaf or silver jewels and pink glitter, each painting has its very own character.

Paul has also hand crafted every frame, all of which include a skull as a centre piece, another of Pauls trademark stamps. Every frame has been hand painted by Paul in its very own unique colour to best represent each piece.

Again Paul has taken his imagination to it’s very limits and by way of example the frame in which “ Robert “ hangs also includes barb wire running along the top of the frame as well as graffiti on the frame also. The frame for “ in charge “ has also been given random dollops of gold leaf splattered across it. In Pauls very own words, this represents monkey shit thrown at the painting by the monkey.

It’s fair to say that anyone purchasing one of these paintings is investing into two pieces of art not one.

Finally Paul also chose to produce “ Death Panda “ and any Banksy follower will know that this piece has never officially been credited to Banksy. Instead there is an opinion that it was produced by a Parisian street artist.
The image has however been used and merchandised many times under the Banksy umbrella.

Anyone close to Paul is very familiar with his sharp sense of humour, so what better image to therefore include given the name of this collection is Bank Robbery.

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