are here to execute a range of services for both our artists as well as
our private clients too.

We put on parties (gallery events) for our artists, each party is hosted from a unique
location that best reflects the artists as well as the collection that’s being
We like to have dj’s at our parties and we prefer to serve our guests Gin & Scotch or
shots of Sambuca instead of a clichéd glass of warm white wine.
Our parties are social events too, we invariably have paparazzi waiting outside whilst
our exclusive cliental as well as celebrity guests are partying inside.

Most importantly when we put on one of our artists parties we sell the art work we’re
hired to sell.

We also work with our private clients, we can buy pretty much any piece of art that’s
need to add to a collection or alternatively we can have any commission made on their
behalf too. Not only by our “ bad people “ but also other artists that we’re happy to
work with.

We also sell on behalf of our private clients and by way of one simple example right now we’re working with a client in Spain who has instructed us to sell a piece by one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

In summary whatever your art requirements are are here to not only deliver on all of your expectations but also at the best possible pricing too.





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