is the brainchild of Sara Lovatt & Erol Ezen


Sara Lovatt was the founder of Urban Antidote that was launched in 2013 and built up a reputation for putting it’s customer centre-stage and immersing them in the art-buying experience. Urban Antidote’s legendary launch parties combined live music in the gallery from some of the hottest performers and DJs around and boast a star-studded guest list.

Sara had always wanted to rip up the rule books but never quite had the confidence to follow through.

Erol Ezen has a very different background, his area of expertise is property related and Erol has singly handedly been responsible for some of the largest and highest profile deals ever done in the UK.

Sara said: “ Erol has a very no nonsense approach to life and business and after meeting him our shared love of art become clear. Erol has given me the confidence to push the boundaries even further and from this has been created.

Erol said: ” I have always had a deep rooted passion for art and over the years my taste has become extremely refined and at the same time my opinions towards a typical high street gallery and it’s general offerings have become
more and more critical. When I met Sara our mutual love of art was an immediate area of common ground and my very direct and black and white nature very quickly resulted resulted in us both coming upon with the concept.

The ethos of the concept is very simple, neither of us want to walk into a gallery and be offered a glass of white wine by a lady wearing an ankle length floral dress and a CD playing soft music in the background.
This is a stereo typical description of most High Street galleries and they all seem to generally offer the same vanilla collections season after season. are not seeking to work with many of the artists that are associated with these galleries as we have no interest in their work. Instead we will actively try to work at the “Punk Rock” end of the market and everything about the projects we undertake will reflect this.



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